Ella Frick

Executive Director

Ella Frick is a community builder and nurturer who has dedicated her career in the field of property management. Ella began her property management career while in college as a fun way to supplement her income and business management studies. She never realized her part-time work would lead to a passion and lifelong fulfillment. Ella has worked in nearly every facet of the industry, but when introduced to senior housing and the world of senior care nearly 16 years ago, she found her professional home.

In Ella’s free time, you will find her outdoors gardening and adventuring with her husband and their five children; two of which are still living at home here in Spearfish. We are a very active and happy family who find both peace and joy when surrounded by nature. When not out enjoying Mother Nature, the close-knit family enjoys volunteering and being engaged and helpful to their community.

Having been raised by my grandparents, I have a deep respect and fondness for earlier generations even at a young age.
~ Ella

Holly Schultes, Executive Director